Start with Chocolate …

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

I bet you’re confused right now.  The blog’s focus is on health so it might seem strange that the first article I write is about chocolate.  I can understand that, but read on, and you’ll find out why I say … “start with chocolate.”

Chocolate was my obsession when I was younger.  Jersey Milk, Dairy Milk, Malted Milk, Oh Henry, Butterfinger, WigWag, Snickers, Eat-more and my favourite Nestle Chunk that I would dip in a cup of hot chocolate at the local ice skating rink.  Yikes, just writing this gives me a headache.  I had a severe sugar addiction and consequently, several bouts of an illness my doctor could not identify during those years.

The gut microbiome

A few years ago I came across research about our microbiome.  The gut microbiome, in a nutshell, is your digestive system, but it includes a whole world of microscopic bacteria.  I learned that these colonies of beneficial bacteria are responsible for a variety of health-promoting functions, like regulating our immune system, balancing our blood sugar, helping us absorb nutrients, and even calming our emotions.  Sugar is one of the biggest disrupters of this system.  It’s not surprising then that an unbalanced digestive system influences many of the chronic health conditions experienced today.

Why start with chocolate?

The reason I suggested to start with chocolate is this: almost any lifestyle/dietary change begins with the elimination of foods that are causing issues.  As previously stated, sugar was a significant factor for me.  The problem is – what is the likelihood that I will maintain this new lifestyle.  Would I continue avoiding chocolate, probably not!  To answer this honestly, I imagine I would pick up a bar the next time I was at the grocery store checkout.

So to be strategic, I need to replace the sugary candy bar with a healthy substitute.  Enter Giddy Yoyo!  Imagine a chocolate bar that is good for you! The people at Giddy Yoyo goes to great lengths to source foods nourished by mineral-rich soil & fresh water and grown in healthy remote environments. They include health enhancing superfoods in their recipes, such as Maca, my fav!!    Maca provides a bit of an energy boost and a mellow, malty, caramel type flavour that isn’t sweet, but ever-so-satisfying.  According to the Giddy Yoyo website, maca may be a natural aphrodisiac, energy enhancer, libido booster, hormone balancer (and so much more) for men and women.   The body knows what it needs I guess!  A square or two and you’ll have your chocolate fix, with benefits and no sugar backlash.

I also am happy to report that Giddy Yoyo is made locally in Orangeville, Ontario!  Right in my backyard, so to speak (100-mile feasting).

If you try a bar (or two) let me know what flavours you like!

Also – if you want to try another chocolate treat – check out this recipe: Raw Chocolate Avocado Pudding.

Want to learn more about your microbiome?


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