Several years ago, in the throes of a loved-ones long un-diagnosed illness, we started exploring holistic healthcare, natural nutrition and the healing benefits of food.  This site’s content is about our experiments in the kitchen and garden, as we seek ways to enhance our health by increasing the availability of healthy, plant-based foods and gaining skills to be more self-sustainable.

Healthy plant-based foods from the garden to the plate

Several years ago, we bought a home with a small front and backyard.  Over the years, we have transformed it to include fruit trees, bushes and flowers and annual/perennial edibles beds.

We’ve done a lot of work; we still have some work ahead of us.   We are working to find the best methods to provide a harvest of vegetables through the winter.  Also, we are experimenting with growing foods that are not common to home gardens in this area!

I’ll be including articles throughout the season on a variety of topics such as:

  • Our experiments with methods to extend our growing and harvesting seasons.
  • Regaining knowledge skills that have been almost lost (i.e. fermentation, seed saving, root cellaring).
  • Learning how to store our ‘garden bounty’.  I say this tongue-in-cheek because it’s not ALWAYS bountiful.
  • Growing and enjoying fruits and vegetables not often found in a home garden (collards, sweet potatoes)
  • Playing in the kitchen with our healthy, organic fruits and veggies
  • Looking for sustainable practices that we can apply to our gardens and other projects
  • and more …


We do not claim to be experts.  We have gardened in southern Ontario for the past 30 years but we are still learning. We’ll share what worked as well as what didn’t and why.  Our goal is to create a garden space and a plan that we can replicate year after year that will provide us with as much healthy, organic homegrown fruits and veggies as possible.  If we over produce, no problem, we can help the neighbours or the local food bank.

You’ll probably see us make mistakes that you can readily identify, so please comment and share your knowledge and experience!

Grab a cup of tea and enjoy yourself! There is bound to be a laugh or two.